Dino Rawr Deluxe Gift Set


Get the littlest one acquainted with some prehistoric pals! Featuring a (not so) fearsome T-Rex and his other Jurassic-age buddies, we’re absolutely wild for this dinosaur themed gift set!

  • Handcrafted Hot Air Balloon Packaging – 80cm (h) x 30cm (w)
  • 1 x Dino Rawr Greeting Card
  • 1 x Toothy T-Rex Plush Toy
  • 1 x Dino Rawr Leather Moccasins
  • 1 x Dino Onesie
  • 1 x Hissing Dino Knee-High Socks
  • 1 x Dino Rawr Rattle
  • 5 x Merries Diapers
  • 13 x Dino Rawr Milestone Stickers

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